Pit Bull Defense Fund

The PIT BULL DEFENSE FUND is leading the charge to win animals the legal protection they so desperately need and deserve. We are NOT a Non-Profit 501 (c)(3) and do not take tax payer or government money, only private donations. Since we are an independent corporation, we have the ability to endorse or NOT endorse politicians and lawmakers. With our 100,000 followers and growing, when we come together as a group, we will be a powerful voice to the dogs that have none. Your generous gift will assure that PBDF can continue to take on cases that advance the interests of Pit Bulls and all other animals being abused and discriminated against. We are the Green Beret's of animal rights!

Calls to Action

Calls to Action are our way of reaching out to local public officials and persuading them to pay attention to our cause. The more people that write and call, the bigger difference we can make in our local communities in defense of our pit bulls. The furthest at the top is the most current call to action, now let's defend out pit bulls!

Please support the Pit Bull Defense Fund and Dowdy Ferry Animal Commission in ending the atrocities in Dallas.