About the Pit Bull Defense Fund

The Pit Bull Defense Fund holds the core belief that with education, litigation and legislation, we can instill harsher animal cruelty sentences throughout our states, demand tougher laws by working with state representatives, and eradicate BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) by educating the public about the common misconceptions of the Pit Bull.

We support Pit Bull and Pit Bull “type” dog rescues around the country by raising funds and providing publicity opportunities as well as offering rewards for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone involved in dog fighting.

As a corporation unlike a non-profit, we’re able to endorse or not endorse politicians and lawmakers. Since we have such a large following, this can be very effective in encouraging our representatives to make the right choices for our animals. 

We're not out to make friends and won't allow anyone regardless of position or stature to turn a blind eye any longer. Our mission is to save the lives of these horribly abused animals and show the world how inherently good this breed truly is.

Our hope is to raise awareness about the equal treatment of all canines, regardless of breed. Please join our fight.